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disable-tx-offload command#


The disable-tx-offload command under the tools command disables tx checksum offload for eth0 interface of a container referenced by its name.

The need for disable-tx-offload might arise when you launch a container outside of containerlab or restart a container. Some nodes, like SR Linux, will require to have correct checksums in TCP packets, thus its needed to disable checksum offload on those containers for them to do checksum calculations instead of offloading it.


containerlab tools disable-tx-offload [local-flags]



With the local mandatory --container | -c flag a user specifies which container to remove tx offload in.


# disable tx checksum on gnmic container
❯ clab tools disable-checksum -c clab-st-gnmic
INFO[0000] getting container 'clab-st-gnmic' information 
INFO[0000] Tx checksum offload disabled for eth0 interface of clab-st-gnmic container 

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